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Projekt: Psychological Factors of Entrepreneurial Success in Germany and China

A large-scale research project is taking place at the University of Giessen on “Psychological Factors of Entrepreneurial Success” in Germany and China. The overall duration of the project is 5 years. The project is lead by Prof. Michael Frese in co-operation with Zhejiang University in Hangzhou/China. The studies are supported by the IHK Gießen. Practitioners and scientists are in full agreement about the economic and societal importance of small and medium sized companies (e.g. for the creation of jobs, innovation, societal development). A better understanding of success factors in such companies is therefore of immense significance. A cultural comparision between Chinese and German business owners further allows the analysis and understanding of entrepreneurial success in very different business environments. China and Germany vary on a number of important cultural dimensions, e.g. in total entrepreneurial activities, uncertainty avoidance, performance and future orientation, humane orientation, and last but not least the individualistic/collectivistic orientation of the owner. To our knowledge, the project is the first consistent psychological approach to entrepreneurship. Within the project we identify general psychological success factors of small and medium sized companies: What kind of skills and experience are important in entrepreneurship? What kind of decisions and action strategies lead to success? What basic differences exist between business owners in Germany and China? What is the role of cultural differences? And more specifically, do vision and strategy have to match cultural orientations of the owners to produce success in China and in Germany? A better understanding of such variables and relationships may help to secure long-term survival of small firms and to improve general conditions for the business owner.
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